Jody's Top 10 Ice Cream Shops

January 3, 2018
Places You Have To Go - I spent some time over the Holidays letting curiosity be my guide, and the results are two places I have to tell you about. One is a tiny music store in old East Dallas that might be the coolest place I've seen since the Ernest Tubb Record Store. In fact, I've never seen anything like it. Sheet music, records, tapes, cassettes, instruments, amps, equipment, turntables, stereos, speakers, collectibles, keepsakes, toys, posters, name it. The place is so tiny and so cramped you might have to wait to get inside if only two or three other people are already in there. It's that tight, but my jaw was open the entire time. It's called Shake Rag Music. It was like I fell into a treasure cave - and the owner is talking about moving on. The second place is what I think is the best ice cream I've ever had, anywhere. Granted, this is gelato - which, along with frozen custard, has a different fat content than true ice cream. But Botolino Gelato Artigianale on Lower Greenville Avenue is hands down the best frozen dairy desert I've ever had - custard, yogurt, ice cream, gelato, ice milk or sorbet. This blew my mind. Jody's Top DFW Ice Cream Shops 10. Popbar, Fort Worth 9. Sweet Firefly, Richardson 8. Honey Dee's, Dallas 7. Gypsy Scoops, Fort Worth 6. Melt, Fort Worth 5. Hypnotic Emporium, Dallas 4. Wild About Harry's, Dallas 3. Beth Marie's, Denton 2. Steve & Cammy's, Dallas 1. Botolino's, Dallas / Traffic