It's So Cold In South Florida The Iguanas Are Falling Out Of Trees

January 5, 2018
It's raining iguanas in South Florida...literally! Cold weather has hit the East Coast pretty hard and that includes Florida, which is seeing temperatures as low as 40 degrees. Some parts of Florida are even seeing snow for the first time in 30 years. And to make matters worse, it's so cold that it's now raining iguanas. Iguanas, like snakes, are cold blooded. The cold weather is basically putting them into a coma-like sleep state, which is why they're falling out of the trees. Once the weather gets below 40 degrees, their blood almost stops moving. Since this phenom rarely happens, maybe once every few years, everyone is posting pics of the falling iguanas. Here are a few of our favorites... So if by some chance you see once of these stunned iguanas, maybe just pick him up and move him to the side.