What Was Your Favorite Story Of The Week?

January 5, 2018
Three randomly selected stories, all of which we talked about on the air this week. Which one is your choice for Story of the Week? Time for a good sports cry. Bobby Butler has been a hockey star since high school, and currently plays for the American Hockey League's Milwaukee Admirals. Now, at 30 years old, he's been chosen to go to the Winter Olympics as part of Team USA - and the moment he got to tell his dad was caught on video. John Butler coached his son during his 25-years as a high school, before retiring in 2010. Butler last played in the NHL in 2014. https://twitter.com/mkeadmirals/status/947955959472820224 Surveys say a LOT of us got smart speakers from Santa this year - across all demographics and age groups. Facebook engineer Ben Actis was celebrating the holidays with his family, when he introduced his Italian grandmother to Google Home. The adorable result has now gone super-viral, as you'll quickly learn why. It does raise this question, though: how come springing new technology on grandma is always so much stinkin' fun? A dad in Collin County is making the rest of us fathers look bad - thanks to the artificial snow hill he surprised his family with during this current cold snap. The family is Texan-by-choice, but the kids missed the snow back in their native Pennsylvania - until dad came up with the ultimate winter DIY project. This is awesome! So, what was your favorite story of the week? Take our poll. [polldaddy poll=9910938]