Government Warns About Cell Phone Radiation for First Time and Two Ways to Reduce It

January 8, 2018
Step away from the phone. Or at least don't sleep with it. For the first time ever, a government agency has issued warnings and guidelines about the dangers of radiation from cell phones. The California Department of Public Health went so far as to release a guide on how to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation. Two simple things to do: 1. When you're sleeping, keep the phone at least an arm's length away from your body. 2. Don't carry your phone in your pocket. Wonder if phones themselves will eventually come with a warning - ala cigarettes in the 1970s? "The Surgeon General warns to keep this device away from your body whenever possible. Long term high use may impact human health." Additional recommendations include reducing cellphone use when streaming audio or video or downloading/uploading large files. Various studies suggest a possible connection between cell phone and headaches, impaired memory, hearing, sleep, risk of brain tumors and low sperm count... Oy.