Track Your Fitness With "Smart" Underwear

January 10, 2018
How committed are you to that New Year's resolution? Every year, most people plan to eat better or get back to the gym. Perhaps you need the help of a fitness tracker or you could go the hardcore route with Skiin's "Smart" Underwear. Skiin just released their new line of "smart" wear, sports bras and underwear that keep track of your heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, motion, and even keeps track of your body fat and hydration levels, which are all synced with the app. These "smart" undies will cost you a pretty penny. They retail for $279 for four pairs of underwear. You'll also have to recharge them. As for the future, Skiin plans to incorporate your home's technology into the undies. For example, the undies can either drop or raise your home's temperature based on your body' temperature. Pretty cool and a whole lot of creepy!