Deaf 4-Year-Old Hears Drums For The First Time At The Dallas Mavericks Game

January 11, 2018
Get the tissue ready. We've got happy tears right here! Meet 4-year-old Mavs fan Jace Lee. On Tuesday night Jace and his parents Cody and Brenda attended the Mavs game. Of course, they were excited about the win, but the North Texas family ended up getting so much more than that. Jace heard drums for the very first time. Jace lost his hearing very early in life. However, thanks to cochlear implants, he's been able to hear loud sounds. So as the family was leaving the game, Jace could heard the loud drum beats coming from the lower level of the arena. Naturally, they all rushed downstairs. And that's when mom Brenda caught this amazing moment... We have goosebumps!