Now Is The Best Time To Buy TVs, Fitness Equipment and Much More

January 12, 2018
If your Holiday Season shopping budget didn't allow for electronics, exercise equipment, bedding and linens, the good news is January and February often offers discounts on these items, according to NerdWallet. January
  • Electronics (including TVs and home theater equipment) are often found on sale before the Super Bowl
  • Linens and Bedding - "White Sales" happen this month, often with excellent discounts
  • Exercise Equipment & Apparel - the #1 New Years Resolution is getting into shape, which is why retail offers sale prices on such
  • TVs - sale prices on televisions roll over into next month, making it a prime purchase time
  • Home Goods - look for retail to reel you in the weekend before through Monday - President's Day the 19th.
  • Winter Items -  look for sales on clothing and winter sporting accessories as stores prepare for spring shipments. Good time to buy and put away for next Christmas.
So, you're into a great time of year for any of the above. Start looking for what you want or need, make a list of where it's at, and Google for the best price. Happy shopping!