What Was Your Favorite Story Of The Week?

January 12, 2018
Three randomly selected stories, all of which we talked about on the air this week. Which one is your choice for Story of the Week? Millie Wall is a 99-year-old Minnesota Vikings fan - and this weekend she's going to her first playoff game. Wall has been a fan since attending her first Vikings game back in 1961 - the year the team entered the league. In fact, Wall watched games at Minneapolis' Metropolitan Stadium - and not only will this be her first playoff game, but her first time to see a game at Minnesota's brand new US Bank Stadium. Millie's granddaughter caught Millie's reaction when she found out about her surprise, and the video has now gone viral. https://twitter.com/Vikings/status/950392910255595520 Someone is painting purple tacos on everything in East Dallas. Well, not everything - but it's become a problem for property owners. No one knows what the message is, or why tacos are the motif - or why they're purple. Power-washing takes time and money, though - and as the purple tacos keep showing up, the mystery deepens. Is it a statement? Is it an advertisement? Or, maybe it's the only thing they're any good at drawing. A man named Frederick Joseph wants children in Harlem to experience the film, “The Black Panther”. He started a GoFundMe page to help buy tickets to send 300 underprivileged children to the movie. It covers the cost of a Manhattan movie ticket, snacks, and adult chaperones. The GoFundMe also caught the attention of J.J. Abrams and wife Katie McGrath, who donated $10,000. Chelsea Clinton also sent a check, along with several other celebrities. At last check, the fund stands at $31,000. So what was your favorite story of the week? Take our poll! [polldaddy poll=9916034]