North Texas Preparing For Possible Snow By Tomorrow/Tuesday Morning

January 15, 2018
With temperatures expected to fall throughout the afternoon and snow a possibility by tomorrow morning, TexDot is preparing CBS 11 reports many Mesquite roads have been treated and crews will be doing the same in several counties. Major roads and bridges began receiving treatment last week and that work continues today. As of 6pm Monday/Today, here is your updated forecast: WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY  RAIN, SNOW & SLEET possible into TOMORROW MORNING LOW 23 TONIGHT HIGH TOMORROW 28 Wear warm clothing, have a jacket and gloves, and be sure to check your tires, battery, radiator coolant level. In addition, if you travel more than normal each day, prepare for possible emergencies and have a warm blanket or sleeping bag plus some non-perishable/non-freezable food, in your vehicle. Home-wise, protect pets, plants, cover outside water faucets, and be extra cautious with driveways or walkways that are not level and dangerous when iced. Have some snow removal pellets ready, NOT rock-salt, which quickly damages cement walkways, driveways, etc. Work-wise, if we do have snow, and you have to go to work, think about the direction you should take that would be the safest: a. less curves, hills and areas that could be slick b. allow yourself more space between your vehicle and the ones nearby. c. keep headlights on. d. if you need to stop but fear hitting your breaks may cause you to slide, downshift into 2nd gear, which will automatically slow your vehicle. Remember! Better safe, than sorry.