Sam Rockwell Drops The F Bomb On SNL

January 15, 2018
Well, it's highly unlikely that Sam Rockwell will be invited back to Saturday Night Live. The actor committed the ultimate LIVE TV no-no, he accidentally said one of those forbidden four letter words. Not just any four letter word, but the mother of all four letter words...he dropped the F bomb loud and clear in the middle of a sketch. Rockwell was doing kid's science show, like Bill Nye or Beakman's World, when he got fed up with a couple of really dumb kids. Rockwell was supposed to say friggin' but the real word accidentally slipped out. WARNING! The clip below contains the F word. Whoops! However, since the word was bleeped on the West coast, it's unlikely that NBC will see any fines. Apparently the safe harbor rule doesn't apply to the East Coast after 10PM. Well, that was a close one.