WFAA News Anchor Alisha Laventure, Daughter Of Haitian Immigrants, Responds To Trump's Comments

January 15, 2018
It's very rare that you find a journalist willing to give an opinion. As WFAA's Alisha Laventure will tell you in her commentary below, journalists are supposed to be unbiased. However, when the President of the United States makes derogatory comments about your parent's home country, sometimes the journalism rules go right out the window. In case you missed it, on Friday during the 4PM newscast on Channel 8, Alisha took a moment to explain her thoughts on Trump's words, which cannot be repeated. Alisha is of Haitian descent. Her parents immigrated to the U.S. when they were kids. While completely calm, cool, and collected, Alisha said this... Here are just a few of the most powerful excerpts from her commentary...
"How do you criticize people who are simply trying to come to this country to live a better life? The President of the United States is a man who represents a nation of immigrants." "He’s still my president and that’s how he talks about me? Not just me, an entire continent’s worth of people." "We have a right and a responsibility to hold the president to a higher standard. His rhetoric falls far from it."