Super Bowl Commercials Now Have Teaser Trailers

January 24, 2018
Next Sunday, February 4th, will mark the 52nd Super Bowl. The Patriots will take on the Eagles in an epic battle for the championship. Some may think it's all about the game, but's all about the commercials. In a new turn of events, we now have teaser trailers for the Super Bowl commercials. Not sure we need to get geeked up about the spots, but here are a few that have piqued our interests. Let's start with Danny DeVito's M&M commercial.
Oh yeah, he's rolling around in chocolate. We definitely want to see more! Looks like Hyundai will surprise a few more veterans this year. Pringles snagged Bill Hader for their spot.
Looks like Doritos and Mountain Dew will have a face-off. And then there's Skittles.
Ok, teaser trailers for Super Bowl commercials? Is this getting out of hand?