Man Arrested His 344th Time in "Florida: The Second Chance State" - Take 57

January 26, 2018
WPLG-TV reports 57-year-old Richard Powell of Florida has a thing with the law... ahem... a lot of things. Powell's history of offenses include:
  • robbery
  • assault
  • sexual battery
  • public drunkenness
  • stealing a milk crate
  Recently, police found Powell in Miami Beach, violating a previous order to stay out of that area due to have been in trouble there. Powell was in the street... yelling... carrying a beer... and had marijuana in his shoes! This week, the homeless Powell, appeared before a judge... and was given 3 months in jail. Now do you understand why Florida is often called "The Second Chance State"? This time, it should be called the 344th chance state. Next time you visit Florida and notice all the gated communities, you'll no longer ask yourself, "Why?" LOL!