East Texas Teen Goes Viral After Newborn Photoshoot With His Human Growth & Development Baby

February 1, 2018
Something we thought only happened in TV high school... Believe it or not, but high schools across the country have brought back the baby for Human Growth and Development classes. Basically, teens have to carry around a baby or a sack of flour for two weeks, essentially learning what it's like to be a parent. Let's be honest, carrying around a kiddo (real or fake) in high school isn't all that much fun. However, one teen is making the most out of his time as a single dad. Jude Gonzales went above and beyond on his single parent project with a newborn photoshoot. Meet baby Joaquin Christian Gonzales, who was born on 1/29/2018, weighing exactly 10 pounds (that was the class requirement). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215497010525446&set=a.10215497... Looks like Jude is taking good care of his little guy. We're pretty sure he's getting an A.