UPDATE: Lawsuits Between Jim Carrey and Family Of Late Ex-Girlfriend Cathriona White - DISMISSED!

February 1, 2018
The long-time legal battle between Jim Carrey and the family of his late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White... is over! TMZ reported Whites mom and estranged husband previously filed wrongful death suits against Jim after her drug overdose death in 2015, claiming Carrey had given her STDs, which lead to her taking her own life. Carrey counter-sued, accusing Cathriona's family of trying to get money from. Last week, court documents concerning the matter were filed in L.A., revealing both suits were dismissed with prejudice, which means it's a done-deal...  neither side can refile... which often indicates a financial settlement has been reached. Time for both Jim and Cathriona's family to move on with their lives, and hopefully Jim will soon be on the big screen again, making us laugh... :)