Legends Of The Super Heroes Is The Worst TV Show EVER!

February 1, 2018
Did you realize that Justice League is not the first time DC's biggest superheroes have gotten together? Yes, there've been plenty of animated versions - but in 1979, someone at Hanna-Barbera decided it would be a great idea to actually do two installments of a live-action thing called Legends of the Superheroes. I actually stumbled across this the other day while looking up something else. Adam West and Burt Ward returned as Batman and Robin, ten years after the Batman TV series had ended its run. Frank Gorshin also shows up as Riddler. There's Flash, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, and a host of lesser DC superheroes - including a horrific Bird Man that will haunt your dreams. The villains include Sinestro, played by Charlie Callas. Even Ed McMahon shows up to do a bit with Solomon Grundy. And if all that's not enough, quite possibly the most questionable character ever introduced on TV. "Ghetto Man". I'm not kidding. There isn't even any describing how bad this is - but if you may not be able to tear your eyes away. I don't remember ever seeing this back then, but once more the Internet comes through.