THIS IS US: Sunday's Episode Is "Soul Crushing"

February 1, 2018
Following a night of bone-crushing hits on the gridiron, Mandy Moore says This Is Us fans can expect a "soul crushing" episode. Whether Tom Brady wins his sixth Super Bowl or The Eagles somehow pull off an upset, Moore says people will be talking about This Is Us on Monday morning. The actress who plays Rebecca Pearson on the hit show tells Us Weekly, "I don’t know if people are going to be ready for the next episode. I’m not. I haven’t seen it yet. I mean, I filmed it and it was really hard on every level. I think it’s … I think it’s gonna be a good soul-crusher." The episode promises to reveal everything about Jack's death. Moore is excited that all questions will be answered. She says, "I feel like it’ll sort of relieve a little bit of pressure. People will know, and then we’ll be able to get back to telling the story of this family, and I think it’ll make things that much more bittersweet moving forward." How do you feel about NBC airing the biggest This Is Us episode right after the Super Bowl? Do you think they should have waited?