"This Is Us" Fans FINALLY Learn How Jack Pearson Dies In Emotional Post-Super Bowl Episode

February 5, 2018
For over a year, fans of NBC's This Is Us have been waiting.  We've waited two incredibly emotionally charged seasons to find out how exactly Jack Pearson dies. Finally, we have our answer. SPOILERS AHEAD! This Is Us aired a special episode after the Super Bowl last night, and it did not disappoint.  We finally learned that Jack died from complications from the fire started by the faulty slow cooker.  While rushing throughout the house to save his family, Jack inhaled a TON of smoke, causing stress on his heart, sending him to a fatal cardiac arrest. Cue the tears! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI09Hxv-Vfo Of course, fans of the show are LOSING it!  We all might need a moment or twelve to recover from this roller coaster! https://twitter.com/thedanareneeway/status/960369542169026560?ref_src=tw... https://twitter.com/katiebtynes_11/status/960371172197224449?ref_src=tws... https://twitter.com/_alyssaloeffie/status/960369803318902784?ref_src=tws... https://twitter.com/MrsBirkbeck2010/status/960369845484232704?ref_src=tw... Of course, Milo Ventimiglia was there to pick us up when we were absolutely down! https://twitter.com/MiloVentimiglia/status/960381392986214400 This Is Us is back with another all new episode Tuesday night on NBC. Via People