Nutritionist Claims Pizza A Healthier Breakfast Option Than Cereal

February 6, 2018
Hey, cold pizza for breakfast isn't anything to be ashamed about, anymore.  Really, we've never been ashamed EVER, but it turns out, it may have been the healthy choice this whole time!  Relatively at least. Chelsey Amer, a dietician and blogger, has found that pizza is actually a healthier option over your average breakfast cereal.  Of course, if you go for one of those "healthy" cereals high in fiber that don't have a cartoon character on the box this might not be the case, but your fun, colorful, sugary cereals, pizza might be your best bet. Pizza and cereal basically have the same amount of calories, though pizza is full of protein, WAY more than cereals.  Amer states "pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning." Be warned though.  Pizza "heavily laden with cheese and pepperoni" probably shouldn't be your first choice according to fellow dietician Priya Tew.  If you stick with the vegetables, however, you should be ok! Via Cosmopolitan