WOMEN ONLY Island Resort To Open In June

February 7, 2018
Kristina Roth wanted to create a retreat for women in which men are not allowed, giving women the opportunity to focus only on themselves and their health. Beginning this June, Roth will open SuperShe, a women-only resort island off the northern coast of Finland! In a recent interview, Roth said,  "The idea [at SuperShe Island] is, 'Hey, focus on yourself -- don't try to get your hormones up.'" Sound interesting? If so, you must first interview with Kristina via Skype before a reservation can be made. Plus, SuperShe is alcohol free! Kristina say's at SuperShe, the focus is on your health, wellness, and an experience in resetting and recharging your life. Ladies! Would you be interested in a women-only island health resort?