Woman Finds 3-Inch Lizard in a Bag of Store-Bought Lettuce

February 8, 2018
A woman received an awful surprise when she discovered a dead lizard in a bag of lettuce she purchased from her local market. The product was sold at a store in New Hampshire and was packaged in California. The woman, Michelle Car, is also a nurse at Kittery. According to Associated Press, Carr vomited immediately after see the 3-inch lizard in her bowl. The nurse feared she had ingested harmful bacteria from the lizard. A spokesperson for the state's Health Department has said an investigation is being administered by the Food and Drug Administration. https://twitter.com/ABC7Chicago/status/961234462481813504 https://twitter.com/azfamily/status/961225632712613889 https://twitter.com/DWaughNBCBoston/status/960941127506583552