Woman Sticks Petri Dish Under a Public Restroom Hand Dryer and the Results Are Horrifying

February 8, 2018
You know those hand dryers in public restrooms that are there to save paper towels and allow for a cleaner dry off? Turns out those are very bad. Nicole Ward, a mother from Carlsbad, wondered about this for a while and decided to conduct her own experiment to see just what's in this air people are drying off their hands with. She stuck a Petri dish under a dryer for 3 whole minutes. She then left the dish to incubate for a total of 48 hours. The image of what grew in that dish is now making its rounds on social media, drawing national attention and horror. You might want to think twice about using those dryers next time. While the post would make anyone fearful of using hand dryers again, Ward mentions it wasn't posted to instill fear but to bring awareness.