Parents Raise Concern After Public School Plans To Adopt $800 Uniforms Made By Armani

February 9, 2018
A public school in the upscale shipping district of Ginza in Tokyo has caused some concern with parents with their latest plans to adopt new school uniforms.  The uniforms are designed by famed (and expensive) designer Giorgio Armani, and could potentially cost parents close to $800! They do include a nice hat AND bag, though. These uniforms would cost nearly three times as much as the current ones in place, and parents are understandably upset.  An unnamed mother told the Huffington Post, "I was surprised and wondered why such luxury brand-designed uniforms have been picked for a public elementary school.  I‘m worried that a wrong notion that something expensive is good and something cheap is bad could be imprinted on children." Officials from Taimei Elementary School were not immediately available for comment, but an official statement was released by Headmaster Toshitsugu Wada.  He said the school wanted to create an atmosphere "suitable" for the school, which was the driving force behind the Armani uniforms.  Though now, it looks like he might be reconsidering.  He said, "With humility, I take the criticism that explanation has been insufficient and not well-timed. I will go on explaining carefully to those concerned." Via NY Post