Watch: Bob Dylan Documentary Explores Controversial Gospel Years

February 9, 2018
By Hayden Wright Bob Dylan is the ultimate shape-shifting rock icon, and his reinventions have sometimes rubbed fans the wrong way. In 1965 he ditched acoustic arrangements in favor of the new "electric Dylan" sound, which alienated folk audiences. A forthcoming new documentary explores his late-70s pivot to gospel music, another turn that left many of his fans unimpressed (at first). Related: Bob Dylan Once Pitched a Slapstick Comedy Show to HBO Entitled Trouble No More, the film traces Dylan's conversion to Christianity and subsequent tour, based on the Slow Train Coming album. The tour (which ran from November 1979 until May 1980) featured gospel backup singers, devotional music and plenty of biblical references—a sharp turn from the agnostic spirit of 60s counterculture. On the tour, fans walked out of live shows and dissed Dylan to the press. Adding to the narrative of the piece, Trouble No More also features actor Michael Shannon delivering "sermons" as a character called "The Preacher" Trouble no more debuts on Cinemax on February 26. Watch the trailer here: