KFC Offering Scratch 'N' Sniff Valentine's Day Cards

February 13, 2018

Does your significant other have a good sense of humor?

If you can instantly say yes, and feel he/she can carry their sense of humor into Valentine's Day, then KFC may have the beginning of a good laugh! Delish reports KFC is offering (4) different scratch 'n' sniff Valentine's cards featuring pics of Colonel Sanders... and each... smells like fried chicken!   The cards are available with an purchase of a $10 Chicken Share through Valentine's Day this year, in the U.S. Silly? At this time, at least 1000 people have LIKED it and 213 have shared it on Facebook. Hey, if someone is having to work thru Valentine's Day and doesn't have time to eat properly, they may like this more than you may think... :).