Today Is The Most Popular Break-Up Day Of The Year

February 13, 2018
Bravo TV reports today, Feb. 13, is the-most-popular day of the year... for break-ups, according to Fran Greene, author of The Flirting Bible. Greene says, “Sometimes we stay in a relationship because it’s easier being with someone than having no one.” Fran explains. “Let Valentine’s Day be the push you need to end a relationship that you know isn’t the one you really want. It’s a brave thing to do, and very liberating.” Fran Greene feels these are (4) good reasons to end a relationship, today.
  1. He Won't Commit - "If he doesn’t want to commit to where you two should go or what you two should do for Valentine’s Day, it’s a pretty good signal where his head is at.”
  2. He's Cheating On You - "You’re definitely not being treated with respect and dignity, and you deserve to be in a relationship where you are loved and cared about."
  3. You're Not Into Him Enough - “When he wants a different level of commitment, and you can’t be bothered, it’s never going to feel right.”
  4. He Bullies You Emotionally - “An abusive relationship needs to end, and you don’t need Valentine’s Day to do it,” Fran declares. “But if it gives you the strength to move on, by all means use it.”
Hopefully you're not someone who needs to think about the above. However, if you are...