Woman Reunited With Wedding Dress 32 Years After Dry Cleaner Mix-Up

February 13, 2018
Ame Bartlebaugh always wanted to wear her mother's dress when she walked down the aisle.  Her mother first wore the dress in 1985, followed by her aunt.  She wanted to do the same, but there was a slight problem. She went to her mother's home to search the attic for the dress, which supposedly was stowed away after a visit to their local dry cleaners.  Unfortunately, the dry cleaning box that was in the attic did not contain her mother's dress, but somebody elses. She turned to Facebook looking to see if the owner of this dress happened to have her mother's. Believe it or not, less than 24 hours later, they found the owner of the random dress.  Michelle Havrilla knew she received the wrong dress from the dry cleaners in 2013 after her basement flooded.  She told her son Brian in a video posted to Facebook, "I was stunned.  I didn't think I would ever see it again.  When I opened that box back in 2013 and found the wrong dress, it was like a piece of me was ripped out." A family friend recognized the dress from Bartlebaugh's attic as Michelle's and set up a touching reunion that was captured all on video. Unfortunately, the dress Havrilla possessed was not Bartlebaugh's mother, so their search continues. Via ABC News