Woman Seeks Missed Connection On Valentine's With 20-Foot Mural In New York

February 15, 2018
Sometimes you lock eyes with a stranger, and for whatever reason, you just can't shake it. Sometimes, it turns into an opportunity. And sometimes, it turns into a missed connection. 25-year-old Devin Custalow in New York decided to do something about a recent encounter she had on the subway. She put an ad out the missed connections section of Craigslist detailing the guys yellow shoes and the gaze they held during the commute. When the ad didn't work, new Las Vegas hotel ,Park MGM, stepped in and offered to have a 20-foot mural of the ad painted at North 10th Street and Wythe Avenue, across from the Williamsburg Hotel. The ad reads: Yellow shoes guy on the G train – w4m “I was the brunette in the green pants. You were in yellow shoes, glancing at me, and pretended not to listen to me and my roommate discuss how I wanted to talk to you. I even missed my stop in hopes that would say something, but you never did. I know you probably won’t see this but if you do, say hi this time.” The ad also asked the missed connection to meet her at the mural at 1 p.m. if he saw the message. But despite all these efforts, no connection showed. By this time though, cameras and Custalow's friends and family were all there with her waiting with bouquets of flowers. You have to commend the woman for her efforts! https://twitter.com/parkmgm/status/960231410006142976 https://twitter.com/kemrichardson7/status/963469349720817665 https://twitter.com/iamnatasha/status/961706352824471555 Do you think she has gone to far?