Pyeongchang Sees 348% Increase In Tinder Use Thanks To Olympic Athletes

February 21, 2018
South Korea has never been one of Tinder's Top 10 markets.  The athletes competing at this years Winter Olympics are apparently determined to change that. The dating app has seen an astounding 348% increase in use in Pyeongchang when compared to data from before the Olympics began.  And this is not a random occurrence, either.  We've always heard the stories about the rampant "extracurricular activities" that occur in the Olympic Village, and it's easy to see that Tinder has just made it easier.  A spokeswoman from the company said, "Every Olympics we hear that Tinder is ‘on fire’ in the villages and we notice our usage increase significantly when people from around the world gather for an event." According to their data, the most popular male athletes (who receive the most right swipes) on the app are bobsledders, followed by hockey players, snowboarders, alpine skiers, and skeleton racers.  The most popular female athletes are snowboarders, followed by alpine skiers, bobsledders, lugers and freestyle skiers. Via New York Post