Prince's Heirs Concerned With Possibly Being Left... with Nothing

February 22, 2018
TMZ reports sources close to Prince's heirs are concerned as over $600k per month is being spent to handle the estate. Comerica's monthly estate management fee is $125k. Plus, Comerica hired law firm Fredrikson & Bryon P.A. to represent the estate in court, oversea and coordinated with accountants and advise concerning tax issues. In November, their bill was over $440k. From there, Fredrikson & Bryon P.A. hired other attorneys to deal with trademarks, plus oversea litigation and services on deal proposals. Comerica has listed their services in more than 600 pages of invoices, stating where money is going and why. No word yet concerning the same with Fredrikson & Byron P.A. Prince's estate is valued at $250 mil and if this kind of spending continues, little to nothing will be left when time comes to distribute the estate to his heirs.