Director Kevin Smith Is Lucky To Be Alive After Suffering A Massive Heart Attack

February 26, 2018
On Sunday night, director Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack. To be more specific, a 100% blockage of his LAD artery, otherwise known as the window maker. Smith was doing a special occasion standup in Glendale, California when things starting feeling off. After his first show, he started feeling nauseous. He threw up a bit, but that didn't seem to help. Shortly after, he starting "sweating buckets." Then his chest started feeling heavy. At the time, little did he know, he was having a massive heart attack. Thankfully, Smith is still with us, alive and kicking! Of course, he underwent surgery to have a stent put in his artery. Smith also spent some time reflecting on the events of the evening. He was more than thankful to the doctor who saved his life. He also talked about the surprising sense of calm as the doctor cut into his groin. He also talked about the great life he's led. He also talked about possibly going vegan. So glad he's ok!