98.7 KLUV’S Greatest Band Of All-Time!

98.7 KLUV's Greatest Band Of ALL-TIME is back for the third year! We wanted to know who would be in your GREATEST band of ALL-TIME!

We paired 32 of the greatest singers, guitarists, bass players, and drummers in a tournament style head-to-head competition and KLUV listeners picked their favorites!

The votes are in and the line-up is set! 

Here is the line up for KLUV's Greatest Band of All-Time III:

Carlos Santana
(Photo by Tucker Ransom/Getty Images)


A ten-time Grammy Award winner (and three Latin Grammy Awards), Carlos Santana was taught to play the violin at age 5 and guitar at age 8 by his father, a mariachi musician.  In 1966 he was at the Fillmore West when the scheduled guitar player for that night was too drunk to play, and Carlos was recruited.  He impressed everyone, including concert promoter Bill Graham, and soon was recording his first album for Columbia.  His band’s appearance at Woodstock in 1969 cemented his legend.  In the late 90s he released a couple best-selling albums featuring his guitar work with then-current popular vocalists (Rob Thomas and Michelle Branch, among others) and a new generation of fans discovered Santana.

Ringo Starr on Drums
(Photo by Jim Gray/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


When Beatles producer George Martin thought it was time for a new drummer, Ringo was the choice, as the rest of the band new him very well from touring together, and they loved his drumming.  What makes Ringo (born Richard Starkey) stand out is that he never dominated the music, but “fit in” with the band, regardless of what kind of song they were recording or playing.  Ringo had one drum solo during the entire Beatles era (“The End”), and went on to have great early success as a solo act.  He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1998, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as both a Beatle (1988) and a solo act (2015).  He was knighted in 2018.

Paul McCartney on Bass
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)


What can be said about Paul McCartney that hasn’t already been said or written?  We know he was supposed to be the “cute” Beatle, the positive Beatle, the agreeable Beatle.  What gets lost in the praise is his ability as a bass player.  Fellow bassists will tell you that he was a very “melodic” bass player.  On most Beatles recordings he would stay long after the others had left and either re-do or perfect his bass lines.  It’s something to say that a 20 minute TV appearance with James Corden has been viewed millions of times, that he has been knighted, or that his group’s CD “1” is the best-selling CD in the world since 2000 – but 48 years after the Beatles broke up, their bass player is still one of the best, ever.

Freddie Mercury - Singer
(Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)


Born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar (now Tanzania), he spent most of his childhood in India and began piano lessons at age 7.  At 17 he and his family moved to Middlesex, England, to escape the Zanzibar revolution.  In 1970 he formed Queen with Brian May and Roger Taylor, changed his name, and then John Deacon joined the band in 1971.  The Who’s lead singer Roger Daltrey said Freddie was “the best virtuoso rock 'n' roll singer of all time. He could sing anything in any style.”  His four octave vocal range, combined with his stage presence made Queen one of the biggest rock bands in the world.  He passed away from complications from AIDS, less than 24 hours after confirming his diagnosis.

Here are the line-ups for 98.7 KLUV's previous Greatest Bands Of All-Time (GBAT):

GBAT I: Stevie Ray Vaughan On Guitar, Neil Peart on Drums, Chris Squire on Bass, and Steve Perry as Singer

GBAT II: Eric Clapton on Guitar, John Bonham on Drums, Geddy Lee on Bass, and Steven Tyler as Singer