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Fort Worth Considering Sweeping Changes To Animal Laws

June 26, 2018

The city of Fort Worth is looking at some big changes to citywide pet laws, including micro-chipping.

Fort Worth officials are considering a proposal that would require people to either microchip their pet or purchase a license tag for the pet's collar.

Originally, Fort Worth city leaders pushed for mandatory micro-chipping only, but reached a compromise after hearing a variety of concerns from people. Some worry that microchips could lead to medical issues in animals, though there's no official data to support that. Others cited religious beliefs against micro-chipping.

An example used by those in support of micro-chipping is the pets that were lost or displaced in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Those with microchips were often reunited with their families much faster, instead of accidentally being relocated hundreds of miles away.

It would also be cheaper to microchip an animal, costing just $12. A 3 year city license tag for a pet would cost $100, a 5 year tag would cost $150, and a lifetime tag would cost $200. 

About a dozen other animal issues are on the table at tonight's Fort Worth city council meeting. Included among those is a vote to fine people for not picking up after their dogs.