Photo Courtesy of 1080 KRLD

Terlingua Ghost Town Up For Sale

July 5, 2018

Ever wanted your very own ghost town? You're in luck.

Terlingua, near Big Bend in far west Texas, is up for grabs. It'll set you back $1.75 million dollars.

Actor Herman Everett bought the 62-acre former mining town a couple years ago with every intention to revitalize it, but now he wants someone else to do that.

His girlfriend Evin Henke says it has the bones of a high-class resort. "It's the place where people can go to get out of the public eye and see the stars at night and have a private vacation experience."

It has some 20 buildings made of solid rock, including a hotel and of course a jail. "There's seven ready to go flattened building sites that have rock retaining walls. There are even aquifer channels for water to run down when it rains out here. Besides the rock buildings, there are some wooden buildings as well, but out here in the desert, wood doesn't last," Henke says. 

She says you can't beat the location. Henke says came out a year ago and told them this is the fastest growing region in Texas for tourism, and will continue to experience that increase for the next five to ten years.

But be advised. It's what you might call a fixer-upper. "What it needs is roofing, electrical and plumbing."

She says there's been some interest. "We get a lot of bites every day, from smaller fish in the sea. We're waiting for the shark."