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Would You Eat A Pie That Looks Like A Bloody Face?

Dear Lord in Heaven! Leatherface has been baking! No joke it's like these desserts came right out of the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre...pies that look like real human face skin! Complete with blood and bruising. Some come with tongues and teeth, others come with little sprigs of hair. WARNING!... Read More

Ariana Grande Joins James Corden For A Little Carpool Karaoke

James Corden and Ariana Grande can't get enough of each other this week. Not once, but twice the two hung out for a singing sesh. On Tuesday night, they basically remade the movie Titanic, doing a marathon of songs while acting out scenes from the film. Video of Soundtrack to 'Titanic... Read More

Forget Back To School Pics, How About Back To Work Pics

It's back to school week! Which means your social media feeds are filled with adorable pics of everyone's kids geared up for their first day of school. But what about the parents? Or just adults in general who no longer get to enjoy the pleasures of a summer break? Sadly, we're all adulting. And no... Read More
1/1/2018 - Review of the Year 2017: July: A graffiti artist works on a huge mural of John Lennon as he takes part in Upfest, a street art and graffiti festival in Bristol.

John Lennon's 'Imagine' Returns to Theaters

John Lennon 's 1971 album turned to film in 1972 and is getting a well-justified re-look in the 21st century. It's the late Beatles star and Yoko 's original film they directed from 1972, but it's now been completely remastered, frame-by-frame, and possibly better than ever. This release will even... Read More
Steve Perry

Journey Singer Steve Perry Returns With New Music

It’s been twenty-four years since we’ve heard music from former Journey frontman Steve Perry . Perry’s last solo record was released in 1994, shortly after his final album with the “Don’t Stop Believin’” band. Last year though, Perry was inspired by the death of his girlfriend to write and record... Read More
 Paul McCartney performs at the American Airlines Arena

Paul McCartney Shares Playful “Fuh You” Lyric Video

After teasing the track listing for his September 7 release Egypt Station , Paul McCartney has unveiled the catchy tune “Fuh You.” A subtle, electronic string melody carries this playful and cleverly censored song. The poppy track is incredibly infectious, continuing to stake McCartney’s claim as... Read More

New Girl Scout Cookie is Sweet And Salty

The Girl Scouts are unveiling a new cookie for the first time in two years introducing the Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie. The new cookie features "rich caramel, semisweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt." The cookie will be gluten-free, and will be offered with limited availability in... Read More

Elephants Could Hold The Secret to a Cure for Cancer

1080 KRLD (DALLAS) - Since the 1970's, Elephants have puzzled scientists. Due to their size, they should be prone to cancer. They weigh as much as 8 tons which means they have a lot of cells. All of those cells arose from a single fertilized egg, and each time a cell divides, there’s a chance that... Read More