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Rod Stewart, Concert, Singing, Nottingham Motorpoint Arena, 2016

Rod Stewart Has Secretly Been Battling Cancer For Three Years

For three years, legendary singer Rod Stewart has been battling prostate cancer. Stewart revealed his battle while performing at a fundraiser for the Prostate Project and European Tour Foundation charity in Surrey, England Saturday night. He said while on stage, “Two years ago, I was diagnosed with... Read More
Lottery Ticket, Completed, Pen

Man Who Beat Cancer Twice Wins $4.6 Million Lottery

Stu MacDonald of Bend, Oregon buys a Megabucks ticket every week. Earlier this month, MacDonald bought a ticket at Ashley’s Café that proved to be a winner. A big winner. Stu purchased a winning ticket to the tune of $4.6 million! He opted for a lump sum payment of $2.3 million, taking home $1.56... Read More
Supermarket Convenience Store, Counter, Cashier Counter

Convenience Store Bans Stinky Shoppers From Entering

A Mississippi convenience store has taken a strong stance against stinky shoppers from entering their property. The store placed a sign right next to their doors that read, “Notice: Bad Smelling Oil Mill People Please Do Not Enter.” Stinky shoppers unoffended after Mississippi store bans them | via... Read More
Taco, Soft Taco, Beef, Tortilla

Library Finds Someone Used A Taco In Place Of A Bookmark

Most people looking for a bookmark will usually settle on a scrap piece of paper or maybe an old gift card. A library in Indiana, however, found the most unusual bookmark in one of their books. Amanda Mae tweeted a picture of the book, which shows a full soft taco crushed in between its pages... Read More
Woman, Hand, Ring, Engagement Ring, Couple, Love

Woman Accidentally Swallows Engagement Ring While Sleeping

A woman in San Diego dreamt one night that she swallowed her engagement ring. When Jenna Evans woke up in the morning, she found no ring on her finger, and discovered it actually wasn’t a dream. She wrote on Facebook, “Welp. I have really outdone myself this time. I swallowed my engagement ring. In... Read More
Ric Ocasek, MusiCares Person Of The Year, Red Carpet, 2015

Ric Ocasek, Lead Singer Of The Cars, Dies At 75

Lead singer of The Cars Ric Ocasek passed away earlier today in New York City. He was 75. Police say they received a call about an unconscious man in a townhouse on East 19th Street around 4pm. Ocasek was pronounced dead at the scene Video of The Cars - You Might Think (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) The... Read More