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A DFW Scavenger Hunt Is Coming To The Metroplex This December

This looks like so much fun! A company called Treasure Quest creates and manages scavenger hunts in major metropolitan areas. They've had success in other markets, and now they plan to hit DFW in early December. According to Culture Map , contestants will take photos in front of local landmarks and... Read More

9.25.20 The Skin Care Phone Call We Weren't Allowed To Air

Earlier in the day, Miles in the Morning discussed the kind of routines Rebekah goes through for proper skin care . Well, Linda called in with what she uses, and Miles in the Morning couldn't handle it. They weren't allowed to play it on the air, for reasons you'll come to find out, but it's just... Read More

9.25.20 Rebekah's Face Care Routine

Since Jeff and Luckey have no clue the kind of maintenance one puts into proper skin care, they turned to Rebekah. She divulged that she actually uses "slug juice" on her face, and it brought up the question: "What's the weirdes thing you've ever put on your face?" Suffice it to say, the results... Read More

Fired From America - 9/21 to 9/25

Listen to Miles in the Morning fire somebody from America every day at 6:40! 9/21 - Oklahoma Woman Leads Police On Chase After Claiming She Couldn't Stop Because She Had To Poop The officer who pulled Emily Owings informed her that her license was SUSPENDED, which came as a total shock to her. An... Read More

9.25.20 Idioms And Phrases We All Mess Up

We all know of someone who ALWAYS gets an idiom wrong. it's not "take it for granite," it's "take it for granted ." It's not "could of," it's "could have ." Miles in the Morning opened up the phonelines to all of these phrases and idioms that people just downright get wrong, and some that we've... Read More
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California governor vows to ban all gas-powered cars by 2035

California governor Gavin Newsom is on a mission, to ban ALL gas and diesel cars by 2035. Newsom explained during a press conference California's plan to "develop a phase-out plan that would require 100 percent zero-emissions personal use and dryage vehicles by 2035 and as many medium-duty and... Read More