These Are The Items All The Cool Kids Had Growing Up In The 1980s

From Air Jordan’s To The Sony Walkman, Having These Items Made Any 80s Kid More Popular

February 14, 2019

The 1980’s were a time of interesting style and memorable fads. As popular items from the era fade into extinction, the nostalgia remains alive and well. Throughout the decade, there were a number of items that every kid had to get their hands on. Having these items guaranteed an 80’s adolescent would be walking into school as one of the cool kids.

Being a child of the 80’s meant rocking out to your favorite music on the go, thanks to the Sony Walkman. The decade brought the portable music listener, and did away with the boom box. Every cool kid made sure to keep their Walkman strapped to them at all times. Of course having a Walkman wasn’t the only thing that could make an 80’s kid stand out. They also had to keep in line with other fads such as Spirograph’s and trapper keepers while taking on school in the 80’s.

The 1980’s had some interesting clothing styles, but also brought the world some items that remain today. The decade saw the first edition of the Air Jordan shoes. After winning the Olympics in 1984, Nike released the first Michael Jordan shoe, and for the rest of the decade, had fans jumping at each new pair. The decade also brought the slogan t-shirt fad into play, which still holds up today. Of course some fads went away as quick as they popped up. Jelly shoes and leg warmers were a big hit, that didn’t quite make it out of the decade. Then there were member jackets and slap bracelets; a staple of any 80’s cool kids wardrobe.

Children of the 80’s had their fair share of toys and entertainment to choose from as well. Before PlayStation and Xbox, video game lovers had to turn to the Atari 2600 for their electronic enjoyment. Then of course no 80’s kid can forget the fads that were Garbage Pail Kids and Cabbage Patch kid’s dolls. While some would say these weren’t necessarily the “coolest” items, no one can deny the joy these toys brought kids in the 1980’s.

There were plenty of other items kids went nuts for in the 1980’s. With Lolo balls, leg warmers, the Rubix cube, and big league chew there were plenty of options for kids to show off their style. While not all of these items lasted past the decade, some helped bring entertainment to where it is today. Thanks to nostalgia, all these items will live on forever, at least for the cool kids of the 1980’s.

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