'AirPod Sleeping Pods" Could Be Coming To Airports Soon

June 26, 2018
The man sleeping on the chairs in airport. House, delay.

Imagine being so tired waiting for a flight and learning the airport you're at has "Airpod Sleeping Pods", which are private "capsule style" units that provide complete privacy, comfort, plus a touch screen monitor, A/C, filtered air, sound reduction technology, smart-glass privacy, mood lighting, and Neflix!?

According to Travel + Leisure, European airports may soon introduce "Airpod Sleeping Pods", which also include free Wi-Fi, a power outlet.

Yes, the sole idea is to find complete relaxation in what can otherwise be a stressful situation.

Does an AirPod Sleeping Pod seem like a convenience you would use?

Wonder how many people will get so comfortable in one that they miss their flight? LOL!