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Almost Half Of Americans Skipping Summer Vacation This Year

June 12, 2018

A new survey by financial website Bankrate.com indicates 49% of Americans will not take a summer vacation this year.

Why such a high percentage? The #1 reason... lack of funds. The survey shows out of those those planning a getaway, most plan to spend less than $500. 

Despite unemployment being low and wages beginning to rise, the reply by many to, "Are you taking a summer vacation", is no.

Not only are financial issues putting the brakes to summer vacations, so are family and work related reasons.

According to the survey, additional reasons Americans are skipping summer vacation this year, are:

  • 25% due to family obligations
  • 22% can't take off from work

Only 36% of those surveyed plan to use all their vacation time this year.

Consumer finance expert Andrea Woroch recommends the following in order to vacation without so much financial frustration:

  • be flexible with your travel dates and destinations
  • compare airport prices
  • consider booking one-way airfare versus round-trip and compare rates
  • open a co-branded airline credit card account to receive bonus miles towards future flights and be sure to pay the full balance each month
  • consider Airbnb and VRBO to save on accomodation costs
  • take advantage of free breakfasts, parking Wi-Fi and shuttles with some Hotels
  • if traveling abroad, choose destinations with favorable currency exchange rates (Mexico, Iceland, New Zealand, etc.)
  • learn what tipping customs are in the areas you plan to visit to avoid socially and financially uncomfortable situations

Lots of things to discover in Texas, so consider an in-state vacation and enjoy some so-important down time.