Julius Ceaser

Archeologists Reveal What Julius Caesar Really Looked Like

July 10, 2018

As promotion for his new book, archiologist Tom Buijtendorp teamed up with anthropologist Maja d’Hollosy to create a realistic 3D rendering of Julius Caesar. The pair used 3D immaging to scan several busts and coins, piecing together an acurate likenes with silicone and clay, and honestly its pretty freaky...

As you may or may not have noticed, Caesar had quite the unusual head. There's a “crazy bulge” on Caesar's head. Its been long rumored that Caesar was born via c-section, thouhg this has largly been debunked. Medical professionals suspect the crainial anomoly was likely due to natural causes.

Most busts of Caesar were obviously idealized to some degree. Since proportions were in vouge at the time, its no surprise that even the most realistic busts of Caesar feature far more uniform features.