Arlington Debuts 2 Delivery Test Robots That Want To Interact With You

August 20, 2018

If you think you see a driver-less robot scooting around Arlington in it's own little unassuming way... no... the heat doesn't have you hallucinating. It's for real!

The first 2 electric test robots from San Francisco's "Marble" debuted Friday in Arlington to begin mapping the streets and sidewalks of the city.

Jackie Erickson, a Marble representative, told NBC 5, "It’s important for us to know the routes and we have to map the routes to be able to detect any construction or any obstacles that we find in our way.” Erickson added, “[This is> to ensure when we are doing our deliveries that we know our routes that can be most efficient for those delivery purposes.”

Once mapping is complete, a pilot delivery program will begin, with a person accompanying each robot for the first few months to monitor it's behavior. After that step, the robots will be solo, with a person watching it's movement from a remote computer.

Each robot can accomodate up to 4 bags of groceries, 6 shoe boxes, 10 hot meals and travel up to 2 miles. Customers will have a special code to enter into the robot to receive their delivery.

Erickson says, “It would look like, grocery delivery, package delivery throughout the day – working with our retailers” ... “You’ll be seeing these robots on the sidewalks navigating alongside pedestrians.”

If you see one of these robots in Arlington, feel free to speak to it! Erickson says, "We want them to interact and ask questions."