Atlanta Food Writer Suggests Texas Smoked Brisket Isn't Real BBQ

May 18, 2018

National BBQ Day was a couple of days ago, and there's no doubt plenty of you celebrated accordingly with a big heaping pile of classic Texas smoked beef brisket.  

Well hold on there, scooter!  According to a food writer based in Atlanta, smoked beef brisket is not real barbecue.  Just go ahead and slap us in the face why don't ya!  For Chris Fuhrmeister, the only food that should be considered barbecue is porked meat smoked on wood charcoals.  He suggests its due to the historic tradition in the Deep South of slow-cooking pig meat, never mind the fact that cowboys in Texas have been smoking other meats commercially as far back as 1878.  The first recorded case of serving smoked brisket private affairs even dates back much further.

Fuhrmeister also claims that pork just "tastes better," because that's a valid argument for why our food isn't valid.  Fuhrmeister also enlisted the help of award-winning Mississippi chef John Currence who wrote, "I mean, pig and burned wood charcoal, and that, to me, is it.  If you don't have both of those things, to my mind, you don't have what constitutes barbecue."

Well we say they're both wrong.  Brisket forever!

Via Guide Live