Blockbuster Video Soon To Have 1 Remaining U.S. Store

July 16, 2018
Blockbuster Video

Photo: Anthony Behar/SIPA Press


Soon, two Blockbuster Video stores in Alaska will close, and the one in Bend Oregon... will be the last remaining location in America.

The New York Times reports Sandi Harding has been with Blockbuster since 2004 and is the General Manager for the Blockbuster Video store in Bend OR. 

Harding says, “We still have that core group of customers that know we’re local, are very loyal and come in every week"...“Everyone’s tired of sitting at home on their phones and their laptops and not having any personal interactions.”

To help control operational costs, Harding purchases new movies on Tuesdays at Walmart and Targer, plus candy at Costco. for rentals and resales at the Blockbuster store.

The Blockbuster Video Bend Oregon location has been operating for 18 years, and done so with a small town approach.

Fortunately for Blu-Ray, DVD and Video game renters in Bend Oregon (pop 91,000), Sandi Harding says their Blockbuster Video store... plans to stay open.

Remember going into a Blockbuster Video store, talking with staff members and customers about movies, and often time getting or giving recommendations that help you build a bond with the store and some of it's customers? I do... :).

Best wishes to the Bend Oregon Blockbuster Video store, Sandi Harding, and their loyal customer base.