Teen Charged With Assault After Blowing French Fry Out Of Straw And Hitting Woman's Face

July 25, 2018

Remember as a kid when we'd blow the wrapper off a straw and pretend it was a rocket or missile?  We're sure a lot of you still do this as an adult (guilty!), but be warned!  It's probably best to stick to shooting the wrapper.

A 13-year-old and a group if his friends went out to eat at their local McDonald's in West London when they started behaving like a bunch of teenagers.  The 13-year-old in question thought it'd be funny to shove a french fry into his straw, and blow it out, much like any of us have done with the wrapper.  He tried to hit his friend in the face, but missed.  Badly.

The errant french fry flew across their table, and hit a woman eating with a group of her friends.  Words were exchanged, and believe it or not, a scuffle broke out.  When all was said and done, the four teens were all arrested and were faced with criminal charges.  This was last November, and the investigation spread out over months and months, with the fry-launcher ultimately being charged with assault...all because of a french fry.

The boy eventually accepted a "police caution," which is intended to be used as a "proportionate response to low level offending where a person has admitted an offense."  One of the other teens was also referred for a caution, one pleaded guilty to assault, and one is still waiting for his own trial.

All for a french fry.