U.K. Social Media Users Filling Dumps With Like-New Clothing

October 12, 2018
Woman with trash bags near garbage bin

Photo: Iakov Filimonov/Dreamstime.com


Buzz60 reports a new U.K. survey of 2,000 people by Method, reveals 10% of them... are throwing out clothes they were seen wearing just 3 times on social media!

Yes, you read that correctly. Throwing-away-perfectly-good-clothing... versus donating to charity or recycling. NOT cool... :(.

Ten percent may not seem like much to you. However, this wasteful issue is contributing to a growing problem at British landfills. Clothing doesn't erode like general garbage.

Buzz60 reports Newsweek is calling this "an environmental crisis."

Please, don't allow this to become a problem in North Texas. If you cannot stand to be seen in the same clothes more than 3 times on social media, donate those clothes to the Salvation Army or similar group.