Forgetful Burglar's SUV Rolls Away After He Forgets To Put It In Park

August 23, 2018

Carrollton police are on the lookout for a suspected burglar who made a crucial and hilarious mistake during an attempted burglary Tuesday morning.

Around 9am Tuesday morning, surveillance video shows the suspect pull up to a garage in the 1900 block of Robin Meadow Drive.  He stops behind a trailer parked outside of the garage, and exits his vehicle.  Well, in theory he stopped.  As he makes his way towards the trailer, his SUV slowly starts rolling backwards, out of the alley.   

He did not remember to put his SUV in Park.

It's kind of upsetting he was able to catch the car before it rolled away.  The Carrollton police department is seeking any information on the identity of the suspect.  Those with info should call 972-466-3333, or email tips to