(Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia/Sipa USA)

Captain Marvel’s Hair Was Inspired By Stevie Nicks’ ‘90s Locks

March 20, 2019

Since Captain Marvel is the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe, it only makes sense her designers looked to some of the most powerful women in history to create her.

Marvel hair designer Camille Friend said it was rather tough designing the hair for the film.  She told Page Six, “One thing about the ’90s is that it wasn’t really a great hair period.  For Brie we wanted her to have a little edge.  So we looked at the women who were rockers of the age.”  This included Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, and Stevie Nicks, who Friend and the hair department drew inspiration from in crafting Larson’s wigs.  

The fact that she was designing the hair of Marvel’s first lead female superhero wasn’t lost on Friend either. She said after the premiere, “The greatest thing was when I went to the premiere and all those little girls were dressed up as Captain Marvel.  It’s an origin story, but it also has the message: You can do it, you can make it, don’t let anything stop you.  That’s the greatest thing about it, and it makes people feel good.”

Via Page Six