Couple socializing with mobile phones in bed

Cell Phones Are Reducing American Couples' Intimacy

August 16, 2018

SWNDigital reports a new study by Asurion reveals 75% of Americans who live with their spouse or partner, bring their phone to bed.

Persons who bring their phone to bed at night are twice as likely to spend time on their phones versus romantic time with their significant other.

Plus, the #1 activity for couples during the last hour before bedtime... was being on their phone.

Here are some interesting and sad facts:

  • Couples spend an average of 3 nights per week watching separate screens while in bed
  • 93% say they keep their phones within arm’s reach at night
  • 55% of couples say they’re missing out on quality time with their partner due to phone use
  • 35% say their sex life has been affected because of their or their spouse’s bedtime phone use
  • 33% have discussed the need to reduce phone use in the bedroom to stay better connected
  • 10% keep their phones under their pillow.

Taking into consideration my 80 hour work weeks, at bed time,  I leave my phone charging in my home office and allow myself to re-charge with as much undisturbed rest as possible. Try a Sonic Alarm if you're having problems waking up. LOL!