Yale University graduation ceremonies

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Yale Rescinds Student for $1.2mil Buy-In With The College Bribery Scandal

March 26, 2019

As prestigious universities including USA, UCLA and others deal with the domino affect of the college bribery scandal, CNN reports Yale University has rescinded the admission of a female student involved and only identified as "Yale Applicant 1", one of two people who applied to the university with a false athletic endorsement from women's soccer coach Rudy Meredith. Despite the endorsement, one was denied, while the other was admitted.

Court documents reveal Rick Singer, the creator of the scheme from which prosecutors have arrested 50 people (including 33 wealthy parents), helped create a fraudulent athletic profile for the Yale student, and sent it to Rudy Meredith, who falsely designated "Yale Applicant 1" as a women's soccer recruit to help secure her admission into the university.

Last spring, the parents of "Yale Applicant 1" paid Singer $1.2mil, and Singer sent Rudy Meredith a check for $400,000 after "Yale Applicant 1" was admitted to Yale.

Court documents reveal Meredith accepted a bribe last April from whom he thought was the father of a 2nd Yale applicant, which turned out to be an FBI agent. Meredith cooperated with federal investigators and resigned from Yale this past November. 

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