Costco Changing Foot Court Menu To Healthier Options

July 9, 2018

Photo: Melanie Burford/Dallas Morning News/SIPA USA


If you love Costco's chocolate frozen yogurt, bbq brisket sandwhich, or the the chili and Polish hot dog... times... are-a-changin'!

SeattleTimes reports Costco is chaning it's food court menu to include acia (ah-sah-ee) bowls, an Al Pastor Salad with plant-based protein, and other healthier choices.

While at the Southlake Costco, I noticed my favorite, the very berry sundae, was no longer offered. 

For now, the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo continues. Hard to imagine Costco cancelling that money-maker, having sold 137 million last year.

Wonder if the pizza/soda combo will be discontinued?

Life altering changes to ponder. LOL!

Learn more about Costco's menu changes, HERE.