Checking counterfeit money light

Photo: Dmitrii Melnikov/

Forgery Thrill Puts Lewisville Couple In Jail For Phony $100 Bill

October 26, 2018

Corinth Police officers are shaking their heads today, after a clerk working at Comfort Inn and Suites on I-35E near Lewisville Lake contacted them concerning a $100 bill that Breanna Dickson and Bradley Burroughs brought in, asking to exchange it for smaller denominations.

Police quickly obtained a search warrant for Dickson and Burroughs' room, where they found a laser printer used to make counterfeir currency and more bogus bills.

The Comfort Inn and Suites new Lewisville Lake is no longer comfortable for Breanna Dickson and Bradley Burroughs, as they now face forgery and possibly other charges, and are now enjoying the comfort of the Denton County Jail.

Hey, what a great way to start your weekend. In jail!